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A Revolutionary Management and Analytical Solution

Parks and Recreation Departments need data, software, technology and training to meet the ever increasing demands of the community. GreenCityGIS introduces an innovative enterprise and sustainable GIS management and analysis system that is changing the way the Parks and Recreation Departments function, operate, and think about data.

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Park Acres



Smarter Solutions for Our Parks, Communities, and Future.

Parklands, open space, critical habitat and natural resources within our communities are vital to our future. We need to understand the assets of our parks, how we interact with our natural landscape, and how our communities recreate. We need to know everything about the natural, green infrastructure found in our communities and our corresponding patterns of human interaction. GreenCityGIS will help us understand our environment better than ever before and allow us to protect and preserve a sustainable green world.

Our GreenCityGIS solution focuses on OUTCOMES. Smart planning based on accurate and reliable data saves time and money. It enables, it fuels, and it illuminates policy that can increase equity and access to recreation. GreenCityGIS deepens a service-providers understanding of their customers. It helps to understand how and where to employ public recreation to contribute to meaningful change in our communities.

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The first of its kind, GreenCityGIS is a fresh and revolutionary technology, already taking hold of 14 clients in America and Canada. Join our GreenCityGIS team, and see why GreenCityGIS isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity.

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