City of Roswell, GA

City of Roswell Deploys Enterprise-Wide GreenCityGIS Initiative

Twice named “The Best Place to Live in the Metro-Atlanta area” by Atlanta Magazine, and ranked 19th for the “Best Eastern U.S. City to Live” by Money Magazine, the 88,346 citizens of Roswell enjoy a beautiful community filled with parks, cultural arts activities, thriving business, and a strong tie to the Chattahoochee River. The Roswell Parks and Recreation department now has GTG’s latest software initiative, GreenCityGIS, to add to their impressive repertoire. Specialized for Parks and Recreation departments, GreenCityGIS offers the latest technology for efficient park management in two simple steps: park asset inventory and software solutions.

Known as “The Best Place to Live in the Metro-Atlanta area” and the “Best Eastern U.S. City to Live”

There are five easy-to-use software options within GreenCityGIS, together offering one premium solution. This new technology seamlessly turns park and recreation data into meaningful decision support information.

With Map Viewer, users can view, interpret, analyze and monitor park infrastructure with real-time views, geo-analytics and software widgets for planning and decision support.

Field Data Collector is an easy-to-use mobile Graphic User Interface that works on tablets and smartphones, allowing users to collect photos, videos, and field notes to be converted to infrastructure data back in the office.

Operations Dashboard provides users with real-time park system and recreation user stats such as characteristics of park land, open space, wooded area, parking facilities and condition of park equipment. All metrics are displayed in interactive and easy to understand charts, graphs, and display maps.

Citizen Awareness provides parks and recreation departments the opportunity to promote, showcase and engage citizens through an online public facing application.

Dynamic Database Integration is a solution that offers the opportunity to integrate data from multiple existing software models to a single, easy-to-understand interface. This can include real-time user information, work order and work request data, revenue data, survey data and more.

Through GreenCityGIS, the park staff and citizens of Roswell now have access to more information in a more manageable way, and can better enjoy all that their parks have to offer!